Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening done in a dental office is a safe, professional and sure way to make sure that the whitening is done properly. It’s also probably the most efficient aesthetic dental procedure available to you. According to the whitening procedure you select, results can be dramatic: in office whitening, for instance, can lighten teeth three to eight colors in one hour.
Supervised whitening shield sensitive gums, and will operate quicker and tooth root surfaces better, than over the counter whitening products.

Having an oral exam before starting any whitening procedure is an important first step to ensure your tooth discoloration is done properly.

Beware of Take Home Whitening kits. Although the price can be significantly lower in cost, the results could be detrimental is the trays are left longer than prescribed and or if the gel ends up bleaching certain areas of the gums.

After the initial treatment, simple touch ups over the years are all that are required.

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