Smile Makeovers

Smile Makeovers are procedures that are based upon every individual’s different needs. Having a confident smile makes you feel fantastic. Whether you are at a casual social event or at gala, often enough, your smile can detract whenever posing for photographs or meeting people for the first time.

Each one of our plans is suited for your unique situation. There isn’t just one fix that works for everyone. What’s important is that you have a dentist who is aware of what works best not only for yourself, but also for your mouths physiology.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve come across:

● What can I do about whitening my teeth?
● How can I fix my chipped or cracked teeth?
● Are my teeth too large or small?
● How do I fix the alignment of my teeth?
● How do I fix the spacing between my teeth?
● How do I fix gaps in my teeth?
● How do I fix crookedness in my teeth?

Regardless of what other’s think, what’s most important is that you are comfortable with yourself. Some customers want perfectly aligned white teeth, others prefer a more natural look, while some don’t mind displaced shades and or other variations; what’s most important is that you make the decision and we help you sort out which treatment is best for you.

Communicating with your dentist is of the utmost importance. Your first visit will include a consultation where you will describe in detail what you would like done. We will then assess which areas we feel can be the treated properly, as well as determining which treatments might fit your mouth’s overall shape and your gum line and color will have an effect on our decision as well. Here are some of the services provided:

● Veneers
● Crowns
● Invisalign patients – as opposed to brackets and wires we do clear aligners.
● Master Lab technician
● Teeth Whitening

Remember, your smile makeover is an investment that is meant to last. Call us today for a free consultation at our office.

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