Preventative Care

We always stress to our patients that preventative dental care is the way to go, which is why it is so important that you come in for cleanings twice a year and take care of your gums and teeth. Often times, the longer a dental issue goes untreated, the cost and pain associated with the procedure is worse.

Preventive dental care is all about the methods one uses to catch tooth decay in its early phases. Here are some preventative dental care methods that we employ in our office:

Preventative Dental Care – Cleanings:
There’s simply no replacement for actually eliminating illness-creating dental plaque and calculus (tartar) from your own teeth — particularly in difficult-to-reach places close to the gum-line. That’s why regular cleanings are important to your wellbeing.

Preventative Dental Care – Dental Sealants:
Small cracks and or lines in teeth are havens for microorganisms. Filling these cracks in can avoid cavities.

Preventative Dental Care – Fluoride:
Fluoride is a nutrient that is absorbed very easily by your teeth. Fluoride can actually kill the bacteria that forms in early forms of cavities. Mouthwash, floss and proper brushing techniques as well as toothpaste can all apply fluoride to your teeth.

Preventative Dental Care – Laser Decay Analysis:
We have lasers that can actually detect tooth decay quickly and efficiently, right in the dental office, even before full-blown cavities are formed.

Preventative Dental Care – Mouthguards:
Mouthguards are excellent ways to prevent tooth grinding and other bad habits that can actually destroy your teeth. People who play in sports can also improve the chances of keeping their teeth intact by 60 times, if they use a mouthguard. There are several types, here at Heights Dental we will make sure that yours is the right fit for you.

Preventative Dental Care – Cancer Screening:
Early prevention can help prevent common cancers; especially prone to people that are habitual smokes and drinkers, mouth cancer can be caused by excessive use of both. Proper therapy and detection which should be performed at every dental examination can eliminate the complications any further.

Preventative Dental Care – X rays:
Used for over a hundred years, the x-ray is a fantastic tool that can help the dentist identify problem spots in your teeth. Today we have sensors and x-rays that can create three-dimensional pictures of your teeth allowing us to preserve your teeth properly.

Your Part in Preventing Dental Disease
Your role in tooth preservation is a great one. It is vital that you brush every day, floss every day and use some kind of fluoride toothpaste and or mouthwash. Our staff will gladly show you the proper methods to clean your teeth and improve the longevity of your mouth’s health.

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