Orthodontics are not just for teens. Any patient with crooked and or unaligned teeth are fantastic candidates for Invisalign. Invisalign clear aligners are made from polyurethane plastic that are virtually undetectable, as the name suggests.

Some advantages to the Invisalign system are that you will be able to clean your teeth a lot more easily without having to wear metal braces. With traditional metal brackets, some foods have to be eliminated, however with Invisalign, it is possible to bite into an apple or a pizza crust with full confidence. If you’ve got a grinding problem, Invisalign aligners can actually function as night guards that can can protect your teeth.

Your first appointment will look like this: specialized computer software will be used to design the path and or process by which your perfect smile can be attained. After which, the computer will create several trays based upon your current tooth alignment and then later will create several dozen aligners by which each one is a separate stage that will slowly move your teeth to the desired final resting point.

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