The tooth dental implant today is a state of the art tooth alternative that works. Dental implants have many advantages. Here are some:

Dental Implants Look Like Normal Teeth
Anchored into the jawbone, the implant looks and feels like a real tooth. Implants are made of titanium and blend into your jawbone. Once your jawbone fuses with the metal implant then a tooth is placed onto the post. These teeth are virtually indistinguishable from your actual teeth, allow you to talk, and unlike dentures, they never will slip or change.

Dental Implants Are Long Lasting
Because the metal fuses with your jawbone, dental implants are long lasting and will, if cared for properly, last for your entire life. That’s why dental implants can be expensive, however, they are an alternative that is sometimes the best option for patients.

Dental Implants Actually Reduce Bone Loss
Sometimes your tooth’s enamel can be damaging to your jawbone. Your bone can deteriorate with improper tooth care, however the dental implant can actually help keep that portion of the jawbone stronger by creating an abutment within the jaw strengthening it for quite some time.

Dental Implants Do Not Impact Your Existing Teeth
Sometimes dentures and or bridges can actually speed up tooth decay which strains the surrounding teeth. Dental implants are stand alone tooth alternatives that don’t depend on the assistance of any surrounding tissue and or teeth.

Dental Implants Are Easy To Take Care Of
You still have to floss and brush your implant to prevent gum infection, but you won’t have to attach adhesives or any kind of bonding product to keep your tooth intact.

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