Why Our High tech Dental Equipment Will Save You Time and Money

Some of our high tech dental equipment and technology include…

high tech dental pediatric dentist Canarsie BrooklynOur high tech dental office has some of the best high tech dental equipment out there. Specializing in peridatric dentistry, your children will be comfortable and happy sitting in our state of the art operating rooms, we promise that your experience will be one that you won’t forget!

Digital x-ray systems: That facilitate considerably lower levels of radiation exposure than traditional x-ray systems available elsewhere, and also provides for

Increased productivity: The less time we spend working on setting you up, the quicker you’re out there and the more pleasant your stay is

Significantly reduced waiting times: Since we’ve fine tuned our system, your time waiting in the waiting room is diminished

Increased customization of treatment plans: Having a better grasp of your personalized treatment, the communication and collaboration amongst our in-house doctors, as well as communication between our front office staff and you

Instant image rendering: The digital age allows to facilitate substantial time saving, with the need for fewer x-rays, and shorter appointment and wait times

Software technologies: Our office relies on advanced, industry leading, dental software solutions

Operating rooms: Each one of our operating rooms is equipped with systems that promote patient-doctor conversations and seamless demonstration of problems and solutions. Doctors examine a patient’s dental chart with the patient, who follows along on a flat screen TV as the doctor explains and reviews dental records and x-rays and procedure to the patient. Of course, once the demonstration is over, patients can watch their favorite TV program while the doctor begins treatment! Also, dental records are accessed faster and more efficiently and then securely stored and backed-up at a safe, offsite location daily

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